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The TIBLOC is an ultralight and compact emergency ascender that can also adapt to hauling systems or friction knot replacement in self-rescue situations. It securely grips rope even in muddy or icy conditions. Have one handy as a backup on your adventures.


  • Can be used as a rope ascender or a progress capture device in a hauling system
  • Automatic system presses the carabiner against the rope to start the braking action on the rope in any position
  • Ultra-light (35g) and very compact: the ascender can be carried permanently on the harness or in a pack
  • Marking on the ascender is on side that is visible when installed
  • Stainless steel cam with angled teeth and self-cleaning slot securely grips the rope, even in muddy or icy conditions
  • Rope compatibility: 8-11mm
  • Always use with a locking carabiner
  • Note: carabiner shape and cross-section play a significant role in how the device locks on the rope. For optimal operation, a carabiner with a round cross-section is preferable.

Petzl Tibloc

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