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RRP - $120

A field-tested classic that never disappoints, the Suspension is the benchmark tool of convenience and durability. The easily accessed butterfly design features spring-loaded pliers and a lightweight frame for long days and tired hands. With 12 other tools, you're always ready.

Inspired by the bridges of Gerber’s hometown in Portland, Oregon, the Suspension is an open frame multitool with spring-loaded pliers, our SAF.T.PLUS™ locking system, a fine-edge knife, serrated knife, rough cut saw and more. Housed in a ballistic nylon sheath, it’s a lightweight down-and-dirty workhorse.

Spring loaded needle nose plier

Regular plier

Wire cutter

Tool lock

Fine edge blade

Large flathead

Cross driver


Can opener

Small flathead


Serrated blade


Tool lock

Bottle opener


Gerber Suspension Mulitool

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