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Wired Torque Nuts can be used to protect parallel sided cracks. Their
shape means they can be used in multiple orientations, giving you a wide
range of placement options with every piece. Lightweight aluminium
alloy construction means that despite their low weight, each Wired
Torque Nut has a 12kN strength rating.

Wired Torque Nuts work in all conditions. They are especially useful in
winter, when icy cracks cannot be readily protected with cams. The wire
that replaces the extendable sling on our traditional Torque Nuts makes
them easier to control placing above your head and more resistant to
accidental axe strikes in winter.

Strength 12kN
Weight 430g
Dimensions 31-71mm
Certification EN 12270:2013

DMM Wired Torque Hex set (4)

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