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Now it’s easier than ever to wash and fix down jackets and sleeping bags with our Down Care + Repair Kit. The gentle cleaner restores loft without stripping natural oils in down gear. If a tear or hole makes an appearance, quickly patch it up with peel-and-stick Tenacious Tape Mini Patch. 


Each Package has enough to wash 10 down jackets or 5 sleeping bags.


  • Complete Care System - Specially formulated for washing and restoring loft in down gear; will optimize performance of sleeping bags, coats or parkas
  • Concentrated - Gentle cleaner with no added fragrances, softeners or optical brighteners; safe to use on down blends and treated down
  • Washable - Peel-and-stick patches provide a permanent repair to a tear or pinhole leak on nylon, polyester, vinyl, and other synthetic materials
  • Kit Includes: Revivex Down Cleaner (10 fl oz), Tenacious Tape Minis (1.5"x2.5")

Gear Aid Down Cleaner

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