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Need extra guylines?

When the wind is blowing hard or the weather is not cooperating, use the Reflective Guyline Kit to quickly secure tents and tarps at camp. Weighing under 2.5 oz, it includes 15m of ultralight line and four Mini Line Tensioners, which keeps your camp load light. With reflective accents and a bright orange color, this guyline is noticeable even in low light environments. Use the four Mini Line Tensioners as cord adjusters to ensure lines stay taught and in place. Take the Reflective Guyline Kit on any outdoor adventure – it won’t let you down.

  • Use the 15m  line to set-up four 4m guylines to tie-down tents and tarps at camp
  • Featuring a bright orange color, the line is easily visible during the day and reflects light at night, preventing trips and falls
  • The easy-to-use Mini Line Tensioners tighten guylines in 3 simple steps and keep them from sagging or becoming loose
  • The 2 mm line has one inner strand and can be used as a clothesline, lanyard, belt, replacement shoelace, or thread  

Gear Aid reflective Guyline kit

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