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RRP - $175

Kovea Moonwalker Stable Hiking/Tramping Stove

Stable and effective.

The Moonwalker features, Kovea Metal Fibre power which allows the burner head to create a 'coal-glow' effect and with wind deflector shields, is designed to help prevent the wind from fluctuating the heat intensity. Folding spider legs create a sturdy base for pot and pan support.

• Double wall pipe design
• Compact and lightweight
• Manual ignition
• Gas heating system
• Wide radial design for strong base
• Anti flare system


Colour: Silver
Dimensions: 11.8 x 10.3 x 9.2cm
Consumption: 140g/h
Fuel: Butane Screw-Type Gas Canister
Weight: 0.29kg

Great while hiking/tramping, this stove provides a stable cooking area, making it great for using pots and other large appliances.

Kovea moonwalker stove

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