RRP $350

Weight 410gms

Dimentions 183 x 51 x8cm

Pack size 20 x 8cm diameter

R-Value 3.4

The Ultimate Backcountry Adventure’s Best Friend!

Offering quieter, more supportive sleep at a tiny packed size, Tensor™
ultralight sleeping pad stands apart as the ultimate backcountry adventurer’s
best friend. Updated with a zero-profile, micro-adjustable valve and included
Vortex™ pump sack, NEMO's lightest sleeping pad uses premium 20D fabrics
to shave grams without sacrificing plush comfort.



Stable: Low-stretch trusses prevent waterbed feeling

Quiet: Suspended film construction prevents crunching noise when shifting

Warm: Premium insulation traps heat and protects you from the cold

Supportive: Superior point deflection resistance keeps elbow & knees from touching the ground

Nemo Tensor Insulated

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