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RRP $389

The best priced all season mat on the market.

Our iconic Spaceframe™ baffle construction rocketed Tensor™ to the No.1 selling position for ultralight air
pads, offering backpackers the trifecta of ultralight, quiet, and stable sleep.

For 2022, our Spaceframe™ construction gets an innovative update that prevents convective heat loss to achieve a higher R-value across the series without any weight penalty. In keeping with our sustainability promise, Tensor™ gets a completely new fabric set made of 100% PCR materials that are bluesign® certified.

Retaining all of the features we’ve come to expect, like Laylow™ zero-profile valve, Vortex™ pump sack, and unparalleled stability and weight distribution, Tensor™ has truly achieved the golden ratio of the sleep equation.

Increased R-Value:
Both models now boast higher R-values, Tensor™ Insulated increasing from 3.5 to an R-value of 4.2.

Recycled Fabrics:
100% Recycled 20D bluesign ® certified luxury polyester fabric on top and bottom for environmentally consciousness comfort

Updated Construction:
Continuous TPU film within the Spaceframe architecture prevents convective heat loss without any performance trade-offs

Included Pump Sack:
Included Vortex pump sack provides easy and fast inflation, saves breath at elevation, and minimises moisture entering the pad

R-Value: R 4.2



Weight: 410g.
Packed: 20 x 7.5cm.
Dimensions: 183 x 51 x 8cm.
Material: 20D 100% PCR PU Polyester.
Insulation: Aluminised Film (2 layers)

Nemo Tensor Insulated

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