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RRP - $284

with NEW anti panic feature.

GRIGRI + is a belay device with assisted braking and anti-panic handle. Its wear plate makes it suitable for intensive use. The design of the handled camming mechanism enables exceptional descent control. The selector knob allows you to choose between two belay modes: top-rope or lead climbing. The top-rope mode and the anti-panic handle make the GRIGRI + suitable for learning how to belay.


• Belay device with assisted braking
- feeding slack and catching falls are done using standard belay techniques
- the assisted braking function is activated when a climber falls. Holding the brake side of the rope helps engage the cam, therefore it is important to always hold the brake side of the rope
- compatible with single dynamic ropes 8.5 to 11 mm, optimized for 8.9 to 10.5 mm
- rope installation diagram engraved on the interior and exterior of the device
• Exceptional comfort during descents:
- the ergonomic handle allows you to easily unblock the rope and lower someone
- easily controlled, progressive rope feed provides a smooth descent
• Particularly suitable for learners:
- anti-panic handle: if the user pulls too hard on the handle, the anti-panic function engages and stops the descent
- the selector knob enables the choice of either top-rope or lead belay mode. The top-rope belay mode facilitates taking in slack and makes for a more comfortable belay.
- it is possible to lock the belay mode

Petzl Gri Gri +

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