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The Field Repair Side Release Buckles are a viable solution for broken or worn out buckles and easily replace these when you're out in the field using only a screwdriver (or no tool at all in the no pin version). As they are a permanent solution there is no need to anything more when you get home. Note: No Pin image is a generic image for all sizes of buckles.


  • 15/20/25mm wide buckle with a patent pending design
  • Strong, corrosion resistant stainless steel pins hold the buckle together permanently
  • Field replaceable using a Phillips head screwdriver
  • Since the buckles are permanent there is no need to replace them when you're back from the field
  • The 'no pin' side release buckles replace side release buckles where each piece is on an open ended strap, like closures on simple waist belts
  • The one-pin side release buckles replace single-adjustable side release buckles, like the closures found on most top-loading backpacks
  • The two-pin side release buckles are a direct replacement for nonadjustable buckles such as those commonly found on dry bag closures and V-pull style waist belts

STS 15/20/25mm Field Replacement Buckle

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