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Zet Kayaks RAPTOR

This kayak is designed to deal with the most difficult white water conditions, suitable for multi–day trips, fit for steep creeks and also for extreme races. Due to the stability of the hull, it is ideal for beginner and intermediate levels. It will also assist them in overcoming their initial difficulties.

Raptor is a really fast kayak but still very easy to control. This kayak is for all kayakers from beginner to expert. Simple but very functional outfitting is based on a totally new design and system, with the seat being made from “hybrid” material.

Why is this kayak different? The Raptor is lighter than other kayaks, and through the use of “Zelezny Technology” is also stronger.

Other features include:
• 2 years warranty
• Only an absolute minimum of bolts and holes in the kayak shell
• Unique foam support holder
• Light and functional seat
• Stable hull
• Original design

Length: 255cm
Width: 68cm
Volume: 303L
Cockpit size: 91 x 51cm
Weight of rider: 65 ~ 120kg
Weight of kayak: 19kg

Zet Raptor

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